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Cinematic & Romantic Downtown Fort Worth Engagement Session

About a month ago, I met up in downtown Fort Worth in Sundance Square with Ashley and Vincent. They had already booked me to photograph their wedding, but this was our first time meeting in person. I was immediately captured by their incredibly joyous energy. When we had previously chatted about their vision for this session Ashley mentioned loving the cinematic, documentary style images she had seen in my portfolio and was so excited to have her love story captured in a similar way. We wandered throughout a slightly crowded downtown Fort Worth getting to know each other better and it was truly a blast.

Ashley and Vincent are dream clients. Now I want to clarify because I think there is a common misconception that photographers dream clients must just be their most photogenic clients. However that is certainly not the case. These two were a dream because they showed up with the best energy, excited to spend this time together, and after all of the prep and planning we did together they left the rest to me. Their trust in my craft allowed them to be fully present and truly just have a fun evening together. They didn't have to worry about if they looked okay or if they were getting the photos they wanted. They got to just have fun together which allowed me to capture the most authentic version of them. If I can share any advice with any couple preparing for their engagement/couple's session, it is this: Do you work in the beginning and find a photographer that you love and trust, make sure you connect with them and their style, and then sit back, relax, and let your photographer work their magic! I promise following this alone will make your engagement session experience 1000x better.

So please enjoy these beautiful photos from Ashley and Vincent's downtown Fort Worth engagement session!


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